Cranfield phase 2 78 units and a Medical Centre/Doctors Surgery 2022

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As part of the ongoing instruction from our retained landowners Taylor and Co with Gladman Developments and Bloor Homes under contract made a further planning application for more residential development.

The original application turned down by Central Bedfordshire Council included the provision of one hectare on land for the construction of a much-needed new Doctors Surgery. Working with the NHS it was perceived that this would be a good opportunity for the village.

At the appeal that was won by the team the Inspector laid out guidelines that permitted development on the basis of a full provision of the Doctors Surgery not just the gift of the land. This was not an insignificant target as the construction of a medical facility such as this demanded a further £2M of investment from the applicants. Nevertheless we found a way, entered a section 106 agreement and completed the sale with Bloor Homes. Glenn Taylor the Managing Director here managed and found solutions alongside partners Gladman, Bloor and the Landowners which involved some enablement development, negotiation with the Council and the NHS and some generous investment from the Landowners to finally bring this Doctors Surgery forward. It should be said that Bloor Homes were extraordinarily good to deal with in the process.