Land Agents Hertfordshire
As expert land agents in Hertfordshire, Taylor & Co. Land & Property Consultants offer a comprehensive range of land & property sale and consultancy services throughout the county and the surrounding areas. We are specialists in facilitating land deals for property development projects, although our vast experience in all types of sales and acquisitions allows us to offer knowledgeable and meticulous consultancy services for all things property related.
What Does A Land Agent Do?
The role of a land agent is to assist in the sale and acquisition of land and property by advising the various parties on legal, tax, planning, development and valuation issues as well as negotiating favourable terms for all stakeholders. In short: we are here to make the entire process much easier for everybody involved! If you are looking to purchase land we can also do the legwork for you - searching for and identifying suitable plots of land that meet your requirements.
Types of Land for Sale
When searching for land for sale in Hertfordshire it is important to be aware of the different options available and understand exactly what type of land will suit your needs. The main categories of land you will come across and should be familiar with are:
Greenfield Land - This refers to an area of land in both urban and rural environments that is undeveloped. These areas are essentially a blank canvas and offer a significant level of freedom for developers.
Brownfield Land - This is land that has been previously developed and is currently not in use. The infrastructure already in place appeals to developers as it reduces the amount of required work, however, brownfield sites may be contaminated due to previous use and rectifying this can incur additional costs.
Land for Sale With Planning Permission - Plots of land that have already received planning permission are attractive to buyers who wish to begin development quickly. It allows for the avoidance of stress and hassle associated with the often difficult process of gaining planning approval, although the price of the land reflects this and will come at a premium.
Land for Sale Without Planning Permission - A plot of land that has not received any planning or building approval. Typically, this type of land is available at a much lower price than land that has pre-approved planning permission. However, gaining planning permission can be a long and costly process, and success is not always guaranteed.
Development Agents in Hertfordshire
Whatever type of land you are looking to purchase for your development project, Taylor & Co. are on hand to assist you every step of the way. We can assess initial feasibility, identify appropriate land, advise on the suitability of specific plots of land in relation to your development plans, carry out the necessary due diligence, help you navigate any required planning applications as well as provide tailored advice and guidance throughout the process.
If you are looking for a building plot we can help guide you to the perfect plot of land for your development requirements. Whether it is for a single dwelling, multiple plots or a major property development, we utilise a number of methods in order to identify land that is suited to your needs. From scouring the Hertfordshire Brownfield Land Register to actively scouting out and visiting greenfield opportunities, we will leave no stone unturned in our search.
Land Wanted in Hertfordshire
We work closely with a number of clients who are in need of development land in Hertfordshire. From building plots, commercial land and outbuildings to derelict property, farmland and barns we have interest in all types of land and property that is ripe for development or conversion.
If you have been struggling to sell your land we are also experts in identifying and connecting you with serious and willing buyers. With a history of facilitating deals that have previously proven difficult to achieve, we have shown ourselves to be a tenacious and effective force in the land and development sector.
Land Valuation Hertfordshire
If you are considering putting your land or property up for sale and aren’t sure of its worth, or you are interested in buying a specific plot and would like an accurate valuation, we can help. Our experienced valuation team have the market knowledge and technical expertise to assess land and property of all types, providing an accurate valuation that can be used to guide your sale or purchase. From plots of land with or without planning permission to new build properties, Taylor & Co. can deliver professional property and land valuation services.
Land & Property Consultants in Hertfordshire
Whether you are buying or selling, you can rest assured that with Taylor & Co. you are in the hands of a land agent you can rely on. We are dedicated to providing unrivalled land and property consultancy services throughout Hertfordshire, including Hemel Hempstead, Welwyn Garden City, Watford, Letchworth and Stevenage helping our clients make informed decisions and achieve favourable results. Get in touch with a member of our friendly team today to discuss your land deal.