Local Plan for Buckinghamshire: Wider Call for Sites - June 2022

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The Local Plan for Buckinghamshire: Wider Call for Sites
Buckinghamshire Council has launched a local plan open from mid-June to 11th September 2022, to boost the number of sites available to build on.  This wider call for building sites includes Brownfield and Greenfield sites, so the council can gather a fuller understanding of the land available for development within Buckinghamshire to meet the housing and economic development needs for the area.

Click here for full details https://buckinghamshire.oc2.uk/document/12

As land agents in Buckinghamshire, we can assist anyone looking to submit a site and give you a valuation of the land with or without planning permission.

If you need any assistance to submit a site to Buckinghamshire County Council, or if you have any other queries, please contact us.