Residential Development Land

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 Residential land is segregated as those assigned parts of land that are loosely intended for use as a dwelling place for a single family or aggregation of various dwellings of some kind. Intensive residential use involves the construction of individual or groups of apartment buildings, blocks of flats that accommodate several households for the purpose of private housing. Residential land is a part of type of zone which has requirements and uses different from the properties that are zoned as commercial, industrial or agricultural.
So a residential land may be used for the following development:
    •    Single family home
    •    Multifamily home
    •    Flats
    •    Apartment complexes
    •    Duplexes
    •    Townhomes
In real estate development, a residential land is often used to build subdivisions. The land is divided into different plots for the purpose of building residential units. If you plan to build your home, or build and rent a house, or develop an apartment complex, residential land is what you should be looking for investing in.
The rules, regulations and laws for residential land may differ from one city or county to another. However there are a few basic regulations that are common to most of the areas.
    •    Size and height of the building.
    •    Area of the lot where the structure can be built.
    •    Distance between two buildings.
    •    Types of facilities you can house on your land, and their uses.
    •    Minimum plot size
    •    Restrictions on accessory buildings, building setbacks from the streets and other boundaries
    •    Number of rooms etc.
Residential Development Land