Why do you need a land agent when selling land or property for development?

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Land agents are responsible for the negotiation and acquisition of land and property, for appraising land use opportunities, preparing valuations, and for providing advice to clients on legal and tax issues.

Land agents represent landowners interests in order to maximise the value of the land and property being sold and to achieve the best possible outcome from the transaction, providing sound professional advice throughout the process.

They undoubtedly add value to the process and have a vital role to play for the following key reasons:

  • A professional approach that will bring experience and trust to the sale, a sound reputation that will reassure potential buyers and an intimate knowledge of the market, the sales process and the local area that will benefit the seller.
Transactions can be very complex and overwhelming for many, but the land agent is able to navigate the complexities of the sale process and the legal formalities to ensure a successful outcome for the client. Private sales, by contract, can be daunting to both the buyer and the seller and such an “agent fee” approach can reduce interest, competition and value.
  • A problem solver with an emphasis on “solutions” not “problems, and possessing considerable knowledge of the sale process, pitfalls and the best way forward. Knowledge and experience in all aspects of land and property, from the local plan process, planning and listed building consent applications, planning constraints, legal agreements (S106 and Community Infrastructure Levy) and technical studies (traffic, ecology, landscape, flooding etc), through to the land valuation process and competitive marketing.
There is no doubt that land agents have extensive knowledge and can coordinate project delivery and the development and application of processes, methods, skills and experience to achieve project objectives.
  • Good market exposure requires effective and sometimes aggressive marketing to promote the land to prospective buyers, and an established database of contacts/prospective buyers thus increasing the prospects of best value and a successful sale.
Appointment of a land agent provides access to considerable marketing expertise – this is vital to enable the land to be effectively promoted, communicated to an extensive database of keen buyers, thus rounding up the target market to deliver maximum value from the sale (essentially, a very important “gatekeeper” role).
  • Sound knowledge of the market and market trends, sound negotiation skills and effective established relationships with key contacts, from potential buyers to essential professional specialists (legal, financial, tax experts etc). Effective negotiation with all stakeholders throughout the process really can keen the project on track and make the difference between achieving a reasonable sale value and achieving a great sale value!
Use of a land agent gives the vendor access to a database of professional contacts to ensure a smooth transaction, as well as a skilled and experienced negotiator. The land agent will develop, based upon market research, a realistic expectation of value and can, through effective and shrewd negotiation, maximise value from the sale.
  • Use of a professional land agent will remove the emotional stress associated with land and property transactions. They act as the “point of contact” in arranging the entire process, saving the vendor personal time and reduced anxiety.
The land agent responds professionally and competently and ensures that the process is conducted in a timely and relatively stress-free manner. Rest assured, input from the land agent will generate greater value that the agent fees incurred.

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Why do you need a land agent when selling land or property for development?